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About Fabienne Bonnaire

- Founder of BAET -

The majority of my life has been developed around performance. I have been singing and acting from a very young age at some of London’s most recognised and credited venues. My studies have always been art and performance focused from GCSE (including Music, English literature, Drama and Art) all the way to university where I graduated with a BA in Performing Arts. I also have taken part in extra-curriculum activities such as dance classes, choirs and performing arts schools.

Outside of the studying and working world, despite me having a musical theatre background, I am a Singer-Songwriter more genre focused on R&B and Gospel. I have currently been working in the studio with some other Gospel artists who I also co-write with. This gives me the access to record as well as work on my own vocals.

My focus for children within the arts became clear as I had worked with many children before who had a dream of being in the arts industry but had not found and affordable outlet or had not been given those first few vital steps that would give them the creative boost they needed. This was also my personal story, hence I created BAET.

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About BAET

BAET teaches quality performance techniques in Dance, Singing, Acting, performing arts and also provides help for Art work and school projects.

BAET work with children who aim to be within the creative arts industry, whether that may be Singing, acting, dance, stage/theatre or art it’s self. The focus is strictly on the development and training of your child, it could be for exams, shows, an audition, preparation for a job already booked or even just to be educated in depth of what they love to do.

Educating between the ages of 3-16 years as these ages display a readiness and drive for going into the industry and will provide extra arts educational help alongside their studies before they go on to higher education.

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One-to-One personal tuition at home

Group Classes

Small group workshops and classes.

Schools & Companies

We work with schools, companies, and other arts organisations

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Contact Us

For more information about what we offer, or you have any questions, contact us using our Contact Us form.

If you wish to donate towards what BAET stand for and feel that you can contribute to the growth of the business financially, then please do not hesitate to do so via the Paypal address above. Please reference that it is a donation. By doing so you will receive an appreciation certificate