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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does the 1-1 personal tuition take place?

A. Private tuition takes place in the comfort of your home. We believe that for your child to be their best creative self, they MUST feel comfortable first.

Q. Can I have 1-1 personal tuition elsewhere?

A. You provide the address and we will come! As long as it is somewhere both you and your child feel comfortable.

Q. Which areas of London do you cover?

A. We want to make sure every child in need of our help can receive it and so we cover all areas of London.

Q. Do you cover areas outside of London?

A. Upon availability and in certain circumstances this may be possible. If you would like to find out more please contact via the enquiry form.

Q. Can I do a Skype session?

A. A Skype session may be possible and in some circumstances can work very well. These sessions are dependant on your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Q. Do I need to provide any materials for 1-1 sessions?

A. We will not ask you to provide any materials, however, depending on what the session is for we will ask to ensure you have it ready. E.g. A script for your child’s audition.

Q. How much is a session?

A. Sessions are charged by the hour. Depending on where and how long the session is will vary the price.
Our prices are competitive, for a full price list please email or fill out the enquiry form.

Q. Can I block book sessions?

A. We have a number of block booking options available. Please contact us for more information based on your requirements.

Q. How do I make a payment?

A. A deposit is made at the time of booking via PayPal or bank transfer. At the session, the rest of payment can be made Cash in hand/card payment before the session or over PayPal at upon booking where you will receive an automated receipt via PayPal. Please get in contact beforehand if you are unsure if our card reader will accept your card.

Q. Is there a contract?

A. Private 1-1 sessions are on a pay-as-you-go basis, just book whenever your child is in need of our help.

Q. Where else can we find you?

A. Small workshops will be on throughout the holidays and half-terms either organised by us or other organisations who have requested us to host a workshop with them. Keep an eye out on our social media and News page to see our latest and upcoming events.

Q. What is taught during the workshops?

A. No 2 children need the same help creatively, so we do our best to combine all the arts and performance techniques through games and improvisation. Therefore giving each child a piece of what they need in a fun way.

Q. Can I cancel a session?

A. At least 24 hours notice will need to be given for cancellation to ensure you do not lose your deposit.

Q. When is the latest I can book a session?

A. The latest a session can be booked is 48 hours before requested time. Any later will be classed as an emergency session – extra charges will apply. If an out of hour booking has to be and can be made, extra charges will apply.

Q. What other services do you provide?

A. In addition to our sessions and workshops, we provide a last-minute headshot package which is intended for those who need headshots in an emergency at an affordable price. We also provide a self-tape service. Both are handled like 1-1 sessions where we travel to your desired location. Please contact for more information on these services.

Q. Do you teach adults?

A. BAET began with the focus on children aged 3 – 16. However, over the years we have developed a client base from ages 17 upwards. We offer the same services to all our clients. Get in contact for more information.

Q. What If my session runs over?

A. BAET take pride in their punctuality. If you feel that you would like to continue the session you have booked, you can request a follow up session and your coach will be happy to schedule your booking straight away. In the event your session runs over, or you would like extra time added to your session and over time is possible, then extra charges will apply. If overtime is not available, your coach will schedule you a booking for the next available time.

Q. Do you provide online courses?

A. We are currently in the process of creating an online course package that will make our valuable information more accessible to you.

Q. What are your opening times?

A. Bookings can be made Mon-Fri between 8am – 8pm and Saturday between 2.30pm – 5pm. We do not take bookings on Sundays. Please get in contact for more information about public holidays.